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5 Tips to Keep Slaying Your Fitness Resolutions

It's that time of the year! Mid January. I purposely didn't blog on January 1st about resolutions because, well, everyone does and it can all be overwhelming. However, by mid-January, resolutions can start to get tough. If you're struggling with staying motivated and it's affecting your consistency, here are some tips so you can continue slaying those fitness goals!

  1. Be realistic.

If your goal is to lose 20 pounds in one month, that's really aggressive, not to mention unsafe and unhealthy. A more realistic goal is to shift from looking at the numbers on the scale (I don't ever advise that) to finding consistency with staying active and eating healthier. If your resolution was to workout every day in 2017, that's still a bit aggressive. Especially if you have not been working out very often. Start with having a goal of working out 2 times a week and once you are consistently accomplishing that, work your way up to 3-4 times a week. Smashing those small goals will keep you motivated for bigger ones once you're into a routine.

  1. Schedule in the time.

Take a look at your week every Sunday. Schedule your workouts into your calendar like you would any other appointment. Show up like you would to any other appointment. Having it scheduled and written down really does help. Something came up and you couldn't make your workout? Find another time it will work and adjust your calendar.

  1. Do what you like.

This goes for both workouts and food. If you are choosing to go running to "get fit" and you hate running, your resolution won't last too long. If you've chosen to eat the same bland and boring foods for every meal because you think that's what healthy people eat, you will eventually get bored. From here you'll binge and probably be done with trying to eat least for a bit. Take some time to find healthy foods you enjoy. Choose workouts that are fun, will actually get you to your goals, and are always new and creative!

  1. Focus on the positive and trust the process.

Fitness goals are met with consistency. It really is that simple. You had a bad week where you couldn't workout? Cool, start up again. You ate a bunch of not-so-healthy food? Cool, balance it out with healthy food and do some meal prepping to get back on track. Week by week, let go of all the excuses you have, (we ALL have them) get moving, make use of some of these tips, and watch yourself transform physically and mentally into a stronger, healthier version of yourself.

  1. Be held accountable.

​Online training with me or personal training is a wonderful way to be held accountable. Hiring an experienced and qualified professional to check-in with you and guide you safely to your goals is truly the best way.



Photo pictured: Pitaya bowl + dragonfruit bowl + green juice + avocado toast from Dirt Eat Clean in Miami Beach. Photo taken by Laura R Keller. Instagram: lr.grace


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