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Romaine Wraps

You simply must share something’s that’s worth sharing. That’s how I feel about this recipe! If you haven't noticed, the way I write my recipes is meant for you to make it your own, in the way YOU like. Similar to the question, "what's the best workout to give a client?"

My answer is always, "the one they will actually do." The recipes only work for you guys if you're into them. So take this for what it's worth, and make it your own that you and your crew will be down with.

This recipe is also similar to my coconut meat tacos recipe, so check that one out if you haven't tried it already.

You will need:

- 1 head of romaine

- hummus - link to homemade, but yeah, store-bought is easier

- 1 can chickpeas

- 1 yellow sweet pepper (or whatever kind you want)

- 1 carton of cherry tomatoes or a couple larger tomatoes

- 1 bunch of cilantro

- mango passion sauce or whatever seems similar that you're into.

This video seems pretty self-explanatory, but I'll do a quick run-down.

First you need to roast the chickpeas. This will take around 30 min. Or if you want to take the easy road, you can buy these to keep on hand. Remember to do what works for your lifestyle. Yes homemade everything is the best, but we don't always have the time.

In the meantime, wash the romaine, slice the sweet pepper, chop the tomato, and wash/chop the cilantro.

When the chickpeas are done, lay out the romaine wraps on a platter. Smear the hummus on, lay the chickpeas down on the hummus so they kind of stick to the hummus and they're not rolling around. Add the peppers, tomatoes, the mango passion sauce and the cilantro. Squeeze fresh lime juice on and you are ready to smash all of these romaine wraps. Don't clean the kitchen until after you're done because you may decide to make a second platter.


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