Set the tone for the day and fuel the body with these healthy breakfast dishes!

Watermelon + Passion Fruit 🍉💜💛 Have y


Not your grandma's veggie dishes. These creations bring out the way veggies are supposed to be enjoyed - juicy and packed with flavor. Great to pair with Mains.

🥕🌈 Roasted rainbow carrots w onion + r


Plant-based lunch and dinner options with room to still make them your own creations to ensure you love what you're eating.

★ Chipotle seitan_★ Asparagus_★ Pistachi


Who else loves snacks?! All drool-worthy and packed with energy from real, living foods.


Our bodies were designed to run on whole, real foods. There is no debating how alive and full of energy we feel by eating plant-based foods. By adapting this cruelty-free lifestyle, we save countless innocent lives, make a difference for the planet and environment by cutting our carbon footprint, and acquire better health by eating living foods. Think about it for a bit, give it a try and see for yourself how a plant-based lifestyle impacts your life!

Documentaries I highly recommend:

Food Inc.


What the Health

Forks Over Knives