Avo Toast
Drool worthy any time of day
Minty Melon Balls
LR's Cookie Bites
Think chocolate chip cookie with cacao sea salt drizzle, and t's healthy.
Kale Chips
Crispy, "cheesy" kale chips!
Cucumber Bites
Nice Cream
Roasted Chickpeas
Fresh organic guac is always a great choice!
Homemade Hummus
PB Apple Bites
Homemade Salsa
Avocado + Hemp Hearts
Avocado, hemp hearts, salt and lime
Date Balls. Simple. Easy. Good. Love making these to have on hand. The raspberries pair perfectly wi
Chocolatey, peanut buttery, crunchy energy balls!
Crispy Fries
Avocado + Pomegranate
Stuffed Banana
Banana stuffed with dates, almond butter, raspberry jam and cinnamon.
Carob Bites
Raspberries stuffed with Carob Chips
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