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Top 10 Pieces for At-Home-Workouts

Whether you're just starting out in your fitness journey, or you've been crushing your workouts at home for lifetimes, let’s take a look at my top 10 choices for at-home workouts. These will help you keep your workouts fresh and your results maximal. I suggest starting out with the first 4 if you’re a beginner and adding more here and there. If you have the budget, then go on with your bad self and get them all in one swoop and get it all set up!

1. Resistance Bands - these are great for traveling and they take up no space in your home! Pack them away in a small bin when you're done.

2. Free weights - we need resistance to build muscle and keep a lean, toned and strong body. You need free weights in the line-up.

3. Loop Band - there is no loop band better than this one for legs and glutes. If you find one, let me know.

4. Mat - you'll need a mat for core work and yoga

5. Bosu - strengthen your core and overall balance with a bosu. Very challenging and takes everything up a notch!

6. Sliders - oh my will your core burn when you incorporate sliders!

7. TRX or similar system - you can travel with this, take it to the park, and this also takes up minimal space in your home. You can pack it up, put it back in it's little sleeve and put it in a small bin when you're done.

8. Kettlebells - these help work total body, and the handle is helpful for handling a larger kettlebell.

9. Jump rope - travels well and takes up no space. While we can pretend we have a jump rope and air jump, coordination improves more with an actual jump rope and the shoulders will definitely burn more.

10. Med Ball - ever done push ups with a med ball? Ball slams? Squat jumps with a med ball toss? You'll want one of these in your line up eventually to kick things up a notch.

All of those are ideal for your home set up! I'll throw one more suggestion in that is ideal for recovery/stretching/yoga at home:

**Bonus: Blocks and a Strap

All of the above can be found in one easy place: the LR Grace Lifestyle Amazon shop :

The video below details more on the LR Grace app. There are more than 400 exercises in the app and we use all of these! The more of these you own, the more fun in the app you'll have!

To start in on the fun, grab your free week trial here!

Happy training!



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