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Top Picks for Your Baby Registry

Mia Grace, 4 days old

Several of my friends are having babies and requested my top picks for a registry. I figured I’d write a blog to share with all of them, and all of you!

The condo we were living in when Mia was born was around 1500 sq ft, so we did not have a giant home to fill with a bunch of baby stuff. To this day, I am super selective with what comes in the door.

Save as much space and money as you can for yourselves though without feeling like the baby has dominated absolutely everything. You need to be able to breathe and feel like you're still in your own space. The baby stage goes by incredibly quickly and all you’re left with is endless stuff. Keep your favorite pieces, they will always bring back the best memories and hold a special place in your heart forever.

Remember that Facebook is a great place to start with trying to piece together your list, unless you prefer and can afford for everything to be brand new. There are so many mom groups in your area you can search and find pretty much anything, especially those big ticket items.

Here are necessities I would get again, and even some better options than what I chose.


An Aden and Anáis swaddle blanket was the first thing the nurse wrapped Mia in when she was born. (After we did skin-to-skin for an hour.) They let me use my own instead of the hospital swaddle blanket. These are so soft and adorable! We still use hers on occasion and she is almost 3.

These burp cloths are great. They hold up, so you can give to your friends when you’re past this stage.


Dr. Brown’s bottles are known for reducing colic, spit-up, burping and gas, so that’s always a top pick. If your baby doesn't have those issues, go with glass! Life factory bottles are fantastic, and you can use them as they're toddlers for their water and juice as sippy cups. You’ll need a bottle warmer too. Bottle warmers are not one-size-fits- all, so check and make sure your bottles fit the warmer before you purchase.

You’ll need a breast pump if nursing unless you’re able to feed your baby around the clock. Your insurance should cover it, so make sure you check before you buy. I had a hands-free one, but choose the one that’s best for you. Who knows, maybe something is new on the market by now. For formula, do your research. You'll never stop doing your own research for the next 18 years and beyond, but compare and contrast and go with what you feel is best. Always remember - fed is best -you'll be amazing at nourishing your babe!


This is my favorite soap ever for Mia. It smells so good! I pick it up at Whole Foods, or you can probably order online.

It’s sulfate-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free, vegan.

This 4moms bathtub is great, as you can drain the dirty water out while fresh water flows in. There is also a digital thermometer that tells you if the water is too hot or cold for baby, or just right. It also comes with a cup to wash their hair/body.

After their bath (if they have enough hair) you’ll need a brush! I love this bamboo set.


The Mamaroo was great for Mia to take naps in, or even hang out in while I got some things done. It has music or you can plug your phone into it and throw on a soothing Pandora station. My fave Pandora station for Mia was Baby Lullaby.

If you have space for a rocking chair, that's cool, but I didn't have one and we survived just fine without it.

This boppy is definitely necessary. It's great for nursing, and just propping baby up so they can see what's going on while they're on a blanket on the floor.

Once your nursery is stunning, nothing can mess up the room more than those circus-colored activity mats. Your nursery needs a more neutral activity mat like these. Mia has the Feather one. Your babe will spend so much time on these activity mats, I'd say it is definitely necessary. They can also be wiped clean - so important for any messes they may spill, and for keeping your little angel healthy.


I did not have this stroller, but if I ever had another baby, I would choose this one. The convertible option is fantastic. Car seat to stroller is a huge plus so you don't disturb them while sleeping. Plus you don’t have to choose a separate car seat...until they're older.


Janie and Jack is the most adorable store ever for both girls and boys. I’m all about quality over quantity once they pass the stage of blow out diapers lol. For holidays and special occasion outfits, this is the best! I get a lot of Mia’s clothes here, including bows, sunglasses, swimsuits, sun hats, shoes and more!

You’ll need lots of onesies for hanging around the house. I prefer organic ones, so if you can register for organic, do it! Baby’s skin is so sensitive and the skin is an organ, so be mindful of what goes on your babe!


Mia never took a pacifier ever. Maybe once or twice for like 2 minutes. I had to try a variety, but she had zero interest. I always prefer eco-friendly options, so these would be a great choice.


For a diaper changing pad and pad covers, I loved these from Pottery Barn Kids. So soft and great quality! I had a grey, pink and blue one.

I tried to do the Honest diapers, but they just did not work. I was cleaning and throwing away way too many clothes. The Honest wipes weren't as good as Pampers sensitive either. Now that Mia is older, the Honest wipes are fine. Pampers was what worked best for us. Of course cloth diapers are the best, eco-friendly option, but honestly, I didn't want to deal. Research it if you're curious though!

You'll want to get this diaper pail and these diaper bags - just trust me and the other moms who voted it #1 in odor control.

This is great for all things storage for diapering and for the nursery. Loved having this runner on the changing table to store diapers, powder, ointment, nail clippers etc.


For the most adorable, soft and chic nursery ever, shop here. Everyone’s style is so different, so see what you like! From big ticket items, to rugs, to night lights, to other fun decorations, RH Baby is unmatched.

— Pottery Barn Kids also is adorable and more affordable! Get your inspiration and bring it all to life!

Organize their closet before they arrive if possible! The Elfa system or California Closets are great choices, or see what closet organizing stores are in your area.

Keep clothes off the floor with this adorable hamper - so cute - and you can choose to personalize it with a liner.

Mia Grace, 4 days old


The #1 thing I used all day, every day and made my life soooo easy, was THIS. I had 3 of them, and wore 1-2 every. single. day. I think it was Mia’s favorite thing too... well besides nursing!

I used an Ergo 360 for a carrier, which you can wear the baby in the front, and then when they're older they can ride on your back. For a newborn you'll need an infant insert (which is why I just like the Lalabu shirt) I LOVED the carrier when Mia outgrew the Lalabu, but since then I’ve heard a Tula is all the rage. Check out both and see which suits you better. That can always wait until around 4-6 months anyways.


Mia was never into stuffed animals or dolls until she was 2 years old-ish, but no need to buy those because all your friends and family will have given plenty of those to your babe. Good picks are anything they can grab onto, anything that shakes, makes noise when they push or touch something, but cannot choke on is best. Babies like things with different colors and shapes, but make sure it's not too annoying for yourself if you're the one picking it out lol! Pop-up books and books with different textures are awesome for babies and toddlers.

Those are all of the necessities I can think of, I’ll update this blog with any others I think of as I go. Did I forget anything? Need more details or have more questions? Let me know and good luck, mama! You’ll be the best mom ever!!

Remember, the most important thing a baby needs is YOU! Lots of love, affection, and so much bonding. The rest is just stuff.




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