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Jackfruit Endive Bites

It's been weeks since I could find jackfruit at the store! I spotted the Jackfruit and ran over to grab it at Whole Foods!

I saw @greenleanbean's post of raw appetizers on endives last week and that post inspired me! I kept it in the back of my mind.

I had left WF without buns, and then as I was home figuring out all the ingredients I wanted for the jackfruit, I figured I could use the endives as boats! If you keep good food in your house, you will eat good food, whether it's planned or not ;)

Here's how to create these tasty beauties!

You will need:

3 endives (3 because the bigger leaves are on the outside and then you can have bigger bites)

2 baby bok choy


2-3 tbsp BBQ, maple bourbon or whatever sauce is your favorite. I used Whole Food's Maple Bourbon.

Cremini Mushrooms and onions (both optional)

1/2 Red pepper

Kale micro greens

Cast-iron skillet

Directions: get the jackfruit into the cast-iron skillet, add the sauce. Let it simmer for 15 minutes.

Add the washed and chopped Cremini mushrooms. Let simmer for another 8 minutes.

Add the washed and chopped bok choy and let it all simmer for the remaining 5-7 minutes.

Wash and break off the endive pieces. Place on a platter.

How to plate:

Endive + contents in cast-iron + raw red peppers + micro greens.



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