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Quinoa Burgers

This is a meal you just want to dedicate all of your attention to, without distraction while enjoying. These are so good, you'll probably put down whatever you're trying to multi-task with and take the moment with your food. At least I did! This recipe is super easy and takes about 10 minutes start to finish to prep. 

You will need: 

Buns of your choice


Mini Sweet Peppers


Micro greens 

Optional heirloom tomato 


Bake the quinoa burgers in the cast-iron skillet at 400 for 18 minutes.

Wash and slice the mini sweet pepper. Wash and slice the avocado. Wash the micro greens. 

How to plate: 

Bottom bun + pickles + sweet pepper

Top bun + quinoa burger + sauerkraut + avocado + heirloom tomato + micro greens

I love these quinoa burgers because they literally, like their name, have a "Qrunch" when you take each bite. They are still soft in the inside - a perfect combo. 

Beyond simple recipe, right? Enjoy! 


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