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Should I Be Eating Every 3 Hours?

I cringe when I hear people say they've drastically cut their calories, have cut out carbs, or have barely eaten to lose weight.

Eating less does not equal fat loss, at least not long term. Sure, you'll see some results in the beginning, but you will quickly plateau and your metabolism will be extinguished.


Think of your metabolism as a fire. How do you keep a fire going? Do you let it nearly burn out and then throw a bunch of logs on to get it roaring again? You could try. However, since neglecting a fire will make it go out and take a lot more time and effort to reignite, there must be a better way. Throwing logs on it every so often for a big and steady fire is best.

See how this can be related to metabolism? A great way to keep your fire (metabolism) burning high is to ignite it right when you wake.

You've been fasting all throughout the night. You then "break" your "fast" with a nourishing breakfast. Every 3-4 hours from there are your meal/snack times. Your body will say, "I can burn this food off because I know more food is coming."

If your body isn't sure when or even IF more food is coming, your body will begin storing energy (fat) to prepare itself for those long hours without food. Once your body is confident it will always receive nourishment every few hours, your body will be functioning efficiently, your metabolism will begin to speed up again, and you will start seeing better results!

Take care of your body, and it will take care of you.




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