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"I've never been able to get the results I've wanted like this before. I'm in love with your program and approach to heath and fitness."


“ As a cardiologist, I believe that Healthy Living is a Lifestyle. I can't escape the stresses at work but I incorporate diet and exercise in my daily calendar. After all, it is only fair that I live by the habits that I preach to my patients.​ ​ I wasn't just looking for a personal trainer, I wanted a personal fitness trainer. Laura fuses diet with training. One could not be successful without the other. She makes herself available to constantly encourage & cheer you on when you feel like giving in to temptation. I am active and have always exercise with light weights, yoga & jogging. However, the short time I spent working with Laura have brought out the contours of muscles that I did not even know I had! Her rigorous weight training circuits are effective in toning & strengthening. Despite my erratic schedule, she makes our sessions flexible so that we are able to fit the required number of sessions each week.​ ​ The nature of my work place me at the front lines of witnessing the repercussions of poor dietary & lifestyle habits on the body. We have one body and it's our responsibility to take care of it. Working with a fitness trainer is an investment that will be well worth it over the lifetime. Prevention is always better than cure. Laura leads by example and that gives me even more confidence in her. ”


"The day of my first workout with Laura she told me, "My clients see results." Not to say I was doubtful, but I had a trainer before and didn't get into the kind of shape that I'd hoped, so I was a little skeptical. From the beginning, Laura pushed me hard and had me doing challenging exercises that I never would have had the knowledge or drive to do on my own. With her help, I got into the best shape of my life. That's an incredible accomplishment on its own, but her coaching didn't just end when I left the gym. Her advice into my meal plan provided the input I needed to make healthy choices on my own. Bottom line, she didn't overstate her promise from our very first meeting, I got the results I'd never been able to achieve on my own or with another trainer."  


"I started training with Laura four years ago, and she got me in the best shape of my life post college at age 22. I stopped training thinking maintaining my newly toned body was perfectly doable. Life caught up with me and I was not keeping up with my workouts. I must say, training did keep me accountable for committing to my goals. Slowly but surely I was gaining weight, and I didn't want to face it. Then I saw the numbers on the scale. Now at 26, I knew I had to fix those numbers, and not buy any more new clothes. I reached out to Laura for round 2 of training. Within only a few months, Laura has helped me shed 19 inches of fat off of me, and I am down 13 pounds! I now fit into clothes I have not fit comfortably into in years. I have more energy and confidence, and my friends and family all have noticed! She has taught me a new lifestyle complete with new eating habits, and I surely never want to go back!


Laura has helped encourage me to improve my life and for that I will always be grateful. After decades of bad habits and no exercise I was very apprehensive about starting. With her positive and encouraging words, friendly smile and expert instruction, my fears quickly dissolved. Thanks to Laura, I am on a path of fitness that will continue and I humbly submit my highest gratitude! Laura rocks! 


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