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Working Out While Traveling

Sweating it out, making memories with friends in Turks and Caicos!

Spring break is here!! Are you going anywhere special or having a staycation?

Here are some questions I get from my clients when hey are planning for upcoming travel:

“So, do I take next week off because I am traveling?"

"Do I look for a gym there?"

"How am I going to stick with my goals? I am going to be so busy!"

You may have wondered some of these questions yourself preparing for your next trip.

Everyone’s busy. with plans while on vacation - there's just so much to explore! It’s also pretty sweet if your goals of vacation are to be able to completely unwind, sleep in and not do a whole lot. However, indulging in new food and drinks may have you feeling slow, sluggish and tired pretty quickly. It’s best to stick with your active routine that’s now become your lifestyle.

The good news is that when you travel nothing really changes. You are able to workout as much as you want. You are still YOU whether you’re home or in a new spot. This goes for traveling for work or vacationing. A morning routine can be as simple as: wake up, have a light snack or breakfast (i.e.: a banana or something for some fuel) workout, have a bigger breakfast and shower. Now you have the entire day and night to do whatever you please. The energy levels from your morning workout help you make the best of your day.

Getting an amazing workout doesn’t mean you need to walk into an actual gym either. As Airbnb's get more and more popular, you may not have always have access to one.

**Side note, here's a code for $40 off your first Airbnb experience.

All your resources are right in front of you! I've picked out some of my travel videos and photos to help illustrate how you can incorporate an active lifestyle into your travels too! Let's explore different ideas to get in your workout while away from home.

Sand. My gosh it's a game changer. It's essentially resistance with every step or move, even incorporating balance. And the workout the calves get? It's good stuff. Challenge yourself in the sand with Squat Jumps where you have to work against the sand pulling you down. The water is also amazing to do a power walk in thigh or ankle deep. So much resistance to help strengthen and tone the legs.

A table. It elevates you for a deeper range of motion to strengthen the chest, arms and core with these Decline Push-Ups. This was right before my best friend's wedding. (Solage, Calistoga, CA)

Resistance bands. Workout right on your balcony with the sun to warm up the face and body. Then shower and go about your day! Don't have a balcony? Use the door to your room.

(The Ritz-Carlton, Cancun, Mexico)

Pregnant or not…you can do it! Just wrap your resistance bands around a pole to help strengthen and tone the whole body.

(Cocobay Resort, Antigua, Caribbean)

Hills. My first trip to Napa, CA I ran/walked inclines and did bodyweight exercises in the wine country fog first thing in the mornings. It was such a memorable experience, as I would never be able to workout in a vineyard back home!

(The Meritage Resort and Spa, Napa Valley, CA)

Classes. Sometimes you get lucky and stay somewhere they offer classes! As the yoga instructor cued us to inhale the salty, warm air into our lungs, I made a forever memory. I hadn't left, but I couldn't wait to return.

(Gansevoort, Turks and Caicos. Caribbean.)

A step. Maybe all you have access to is just a step. Do a few sets and carry on with the day. (St Maarten)

Just don't leave your kid out, they definitely want to join in on the fun. (Tamarind Hills, Antigua)

Pack those resistance bands if you've got them, find a spot to enjoy the view and make some memories!!

(Band work with my friend Janet, with a view of the island Montserrat in the background Tamarind Hills, Antigua)

On my online training app, no one misses their workouts while traveling whether they're in a gym or getting creative with their resources. We all look forward to seeing each other's beautiful travel photos pop up in the app's news feed! If there's not a view, we cheer each other on and appreciate their dedication, which in turn motivates us! See my client Courtney in FL, who got beach workouts for this week. #teamlrgrace

Traveling can get you out of your comfort zone, in the best way. Another experience of the trip is getting a good workout while away from home!

If you need help, you can sign up for online training and I’ll help you use your resources at home or while traveling to stay on track.

In good health,


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