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You can make noodles so many ways, for what you have on hand and what mood you're in! 


I'll share a cooked and a raw version. Try them both, they're both amazing! They both are 5-10 minutes to prepare. The more simple, the better a recipe I swear! 

Cooked Zoodles: 

🔥Heat cast iron skillet on medium heat. Drop a tbsp or two of avocado oil into the skillet. 🍄🍅Sauté sliced mushrooms and tomatoes. After 5 minutes, throw down some minced garlic. Add in the zoodles. 🍝
After a minute mix in fresh pesto. 💚Let it heat for another minute or so, not allowing zoodles to get limp.
🍃Throw on some fresh basil and serve, including the juice that's left in the cast iron. My husband said "wow this turned out crazy good, amazing dinner." #husbandapproved


Raw Zoodles: Get out your big mixing bowl, cutting board, knife, spiralizer and a fork

Spiralize zucchini and carrots (as much as you want to eat)

Throw in some freshly chopped basil (to your liking)

Add as much green apples you'd like (around 1 cup for some extra crunch and sweetness)

Smash in some perfectly ripe, creamy avocado

Squeeze 1-2 limes (to your liking) and mix everything together in the mixing bowl

Add freshly sliced tomatoes


Add anything else you like! Some examples are: mushrooms, hemp hearts, micro greens, nuts, cucumbers, pine nuts, beans, lentils, quinoa, just any fresh, real whole foods you have on hand.

Get creative and enjoy!

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