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For the basics of sauteeing kale, you will need:


1 bunch of organic kale

1-2 tsp (organic unrefined is the best) coconut oil

saute pan

sprinkle of Celtic salt

sprinkle of pepper


Heat your saute pan on medium heat with cocnonut oil. De-stem and wash your bunch of Lacinto kale. Rip or cut into 1" pieces and throw in the pan. Sprinkle with Celtic salt and ground pepper. Cook until the kale is wilty, ang bright green. About 5 minutes is all it should take.


If you add other veggies you are feeling that day, just know peppers, onions and/or mushrooms will take longer, so start them in the pan before the kale. The pumpkin seeds and goji berries can get sauteed with the kale. I LOVE it with pumpkin seeds and goji berries.

If you roast pine nuts and garlic with this Simple Side, start the pine nuts first, add the kale, throw in some cherry tomatoes, then the garlic. Keep it lightly sauteed to keep more of t.he nutrients, plus it takes less time that way.

Adding tomatoes, avocado and/or kalamata olives to the sauteed kale is always a huge hit and super simple.

So easy, delicious, and so nutritious!


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