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We have this weekly!


You will need:


Tolerant Foods red lentil pasta

Hemp Hearts

Fresh garlic

1 Heirloom Tomato

Fresh Basil

Crimini Mushrooms

Lacinto Kale 

Coconut oil

Ground salt and pepper

Pot for the pasta

Saute pan or cast iron skillet

This red lentil pasta is by Tolerant Foods. I always tell my clients and followers to ask the store where they shop to order this brand if they want it. If there is a demand for something, your store will get it. 

Why this pasta? Here is some info via their site

"Tolerant® Energy Legume Blend fills you up with healthy, plant based proteins that cook and taste just like pasta! No corn, rice or fillers in these noodles because legume and pea is all we need to pack a powerful punch of healthy energy and nutrients that the whole family will love.  Just legume goodness in every delicious noodle!

Made with Red Lentil and Pea and Allergen Free!

19 g of protein in a 3 oz portion."


Awesome choice for pasta! It won't weight you down the way regular pasta does, and honestly I like it better than regular pasta. My husband and toddler both love it! 


Heat water on stove until it is boiling. Add in however much pasta you're going to serve for however big your family is. 

While you're waiting on the pasta, wash and chop your mushrooms and kale. Mince the garlic. 

Heat your cast-iron skillet or sauté pan on medium heat. Throw in a dollop of coconut oil. Add in the crimini mushrooms. Saute for around 5 minutes.

Your pasta is probably done by now. Check it.

Add in the lacinto kale to the mushrooms. Sauté for around 4 more minutes. Add some ground pepper and salt. Throw in the minced garlic for the final minute. Set veggies aside. 

Wash and dice your heirloom tomato. 

Wash and tear your fresh basil.

Plate your dish: red lentil pasta + crimini mushrooms + kale + heirloom tomato + hemp hearts + fresh basil. 

Top with pine nuts and nutritional yeast if you have it on hand and enjoy! 

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