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Raw Coco Meat Wraps

These raw coconut meat tacos are inspired by my all-time favorite restaurant called Plant Miami. They change their menu often, and they've since replaced these with their mouth-watering jackfruit tacos. I highly recommend a trip there. You'll leave feeling inspired to get creative with raw plant-based dishes and presentations.

This dish is bursting with fresh, flavorful ingredients and is loaded with minerals, vitamins and minerals.

Grab a fresh thai coconut. Don't know how to open one or scoop out the meat? Go to the storefront, scroll and grab an opener to help you. Drink it, then scoop out the meat.

Place the romaine on a platter.

Add the coconut meat, sliced orange peppers, radish slices,

sliced cherry tomatoes, fresh cilantro and top with this mango puree.

How to make the mango puree:

In the food processor, blend 1 mango with the juice of 1 lime.

Add anything else you might like and enjoy! See below the video for a similar version using chickpeas instead of coconut meat.



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