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These made around 9 raw cakes for me, but I could have packed more crust and more filling into each one, so it's all just how you want them to turn out.


You'll need a little prep done beforehand:

The night before: soak 1 c raw, organic cashews

Make homemade coconut milk (or use store-bought)


*30 minutes before, soak 5 dates


In a food processor: combine 5 soaked dates and 1 c soaked cashews (yes there are some leftover, set aside.) Place on bottom of baking liners in cupcake pan.

Clean out food processor so you can prep filling.


Round 2 in food processor: combine: 1 c coconut milk + the juice of 1 lime + 1 banana + 2 handfuls of raspberries (or whatever fruit you're in the mood for) and the rest of the cashews you soaked.

Spoon on top of the crust. Put in freezer for about 30 minutes to harden before eating. Store in freezer and take out when you're ready to eat! Let sit for about 10 minutes to thaw before eating for the best consistency.




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