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Stay on track with your health goals with this Quinoa Bowl! Substitute with whatever you have in the fridge, or use these ingredients! The easy part about cooking is you don't need an exact recipe, just some inspiration.

Tri-colored organic quinoa


6 pearl onions

Kidney beans


Bell peppers


Cook your quinoa (a rice cooker is a great investment!) (1 c coconut milk, 1 c water)

Soak your kidney beans overnight or bring to a boil and let sit for an hour. If you bought canned kidney beans, just make sure it is organic. (Canned good are high in sodium so do this only sparingly.)


Grill the onions, asparagus and bell peppers until they are all soft. 


Throw everything togethere when done, sprinkle hemp hearts on top and garnish with fresh basil if you have some on hand. Enjoy!

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