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Smooth, creamy and delicious breakfast or Easy Snack idea!  It's been great to add some frozen veggies in as well for my picky toddler! Of course it helps people of all ages get veggies in :) Let sit in freezer for 10 minutes to an hour for a more frozen texture, especially if the splash of water/nut milk was too much, it will save that creamy consistency. 

big handful organic frozen strawberries + 3 frozen bananas + 1 fresh banana +splash of water 

3 frozen bananas + 1 tbsp matcha powder, splash of almond milk. 

#nicecream time! 🍦 Mia’s favorite ever

3 frozen bananas + big tablespoon of fresh ground peanut butter

1/2 c frozen butternut squash + handful frozen strawberries + 2 frozen bananas + splash of almond milk

3 frozen bananas + 2 tsp cacao powder + 3 dates + splash of water. Let sit in freezer for a 10 min. 

1 c frozen cherries, 3 frozen bananas, 3 dates. Splash  of macadamia milk 

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