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Q. What sets Laura apart from other personal trainers?

​A. Laura offers a healthy, healing and holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle. No diets, but we focus on good habits, which becomes an easy, healthy lifestyle. This way there is no yo-yo dieting and the habits stick. You continue to grow into these new habits and never look back. The education of nutrition is so important to have success with reaching health and wellness goals. You have access to the Quick Meal tab on this site to keep you on track and to keep your meal ideas fresh and new.

Q. Will I have access to ask questions and contact Laura outside of my training sessions?

​A. Yes, Laura is known for quickly responding to all emails, calls and texts to help you with any questions you may have in regards to fitness/nutrition.
Meeting just 2-3 times a week isn't always enough, so you are encouraged to be in contact with meal updates and workout check-ins to keep you on track.

Q. Those who train with Laura mention walking away from each session with an "experience." What exactly does this mean?

​A. Many of Laura's clients are under a lot of stress in their daily work days, working on major projects daily. Dealing with this kind of pressure can lead to overall high-stress in their lives. Laura is very personable and connects with each client and helps relieve stress with a combination of breathing exercises, stretching and foam rolling to help melt away stress during sessions. Feel like this sounds like your life? Experience a session for yourself!

Q. What ages does Laura typically work with?

​A. Laura has worked with all ages, ranging from 8 years to 73 years old.

Q. What does a typical session entail?

Sessions will consist of different combinations including strength training, high intensity interval circuits, stretching, breathing exercises, destressing exercises.

Q. Is group training available? (2+ people)

​A. Yes.​

Q. Can I purchase individual sessions or packages of training?

Laura discusses your goals with you to assess a timeline of when they will be met. You will find out an approximate number of weeks/months it will take, and decide on a billing schedule. She lets you choose how you want to be billed. Some prefer to be billed session-by-session, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.

Have a question? Contact Laura at or 312.623.1503

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