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Light, fresh and tropical!

​You will need:

1 c rice (brown, jasmine, or whatever you are in the mood for)

1 can or 1 c coconut milk (canned with the coconut cream is the BEST!)

1/2 c filtered water

1/2 bunch organic cilantro, chopped

1 fresh lime

optional: Fresh coconut meat and a grater or coconut flakes


Place rice, coconut milk and water in a pot on the stove or in your rice cooker and bring to a boil.

(Optional: if you have (unsweetened or fresh) coconut flakes, throw in a handful, but this Simple Side is delicious either way.)

Boil on medium heat until it's no longer watery and the rice is soft.

Drain and add to a mixing/ serving bowl.

Squeeze in the fresh lime juice and fold in the 1/2 bunch of chopped cilantro.


The aroma of the coconut, lime and cilantro is so potent while you are prepping this side, I love making it! You'll savor every bite!

Garnish with some lime zest and freshly shaved coconut if you want and enjoy!

*Organic DIY skin care tip* Save a little coconut cream from the can of coconut milk, add in around a dollop of coconut oil and about 1 tbsp of coconut sugar for an awesome exfoliating coconut mask! You only need enough coconut cream + coconut oil to cover your face, so not a lot. Let sit on face + lips for 10 min and lightly scrub off so the coconut sugar can exfoliate the skin and lips.

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