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Mother's Day Cake Decorating!

Bunnie Cakes Studio

Mia and I decorated a Mother's Day cake at Bunnie Cakes, the first vegan bakery in Miami opened by Mariana Cortez. You may know this talented, smart and adorable mother of 5 from Food Network's Cupcake Wars. There's a store front on 2nd Ave, and a studio in back for workshops. Seriously, how adorable! 

Four vanilla cake layers were awaiting us upon arrival. We spread thick "buttercream" frosting between each layer and a thin layer all around the cake. Mia's favorite part of decorating a cake is definitely eating all of the frosting. It was my favorite part growing up too. Anyone else? 

Mariana gave us different colors of frosting to decorate flowers on the cake. Teaching Mia how to create this at her age is very promising! She is now in charge of desserts for future parties.

Look at her go! My biggest challenge with an (almost) 3 year old was trying to keep her from eating all the frosting. Believe me, she probably ate her weight in frosting, but I'll consider it a #momwin because I still probably stopped her from eating double that amount.

Time for the finishing touches! We made this vegan white chocolate piece by spreading out white chocolate on parchment paper, crinkling it and letting it sit in the fridge. Once it was hardened, we added it to the top layer. Next up was the fresh flowers! We used floral tape so the flowers didn't touch the actual cake. What a beautiful touch! We rarely bake, so we had never decorated a cake like this before. With Mariana's expert guidance, the cake came out beautiful! Our cake was made with a lot of patience, love, and gratitude for being a mother. 

 To the mothers with a wonderful relationship with both the father and child, to the bad ass single moms, to the mothers who have lost a child, to the child who has lost a mother, to those with strained mother relationships, to the mothers with strained child relationships, to those who have chosen not to be mothers, and those who are yearning to be mothers...we are all one. 

Happy Mother's Day! 

So much love and light to all on this special day! 


Laura and Mia 


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