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LR Grace Wellness Summit Recap

LR Grace Wellness Summit

Saturday December 2 was the inaugural LR Grace Wellness Summit at Chill

#TeamLRGrace sees each other in the app every week, but we didn't get the chance to all meet face-to-face until now! Members, friends and followers got together for a workout so I could check on their form and give them hands-on guidance. 

The workout focused on bringing awareness to the connection between our mind, muscles and organs. We also stretched with Live Infinitely stretching straps, which everyone got to take home. The straps allowed for a deeper stretch and was a good a reminder of how important the component of flexibility is for our training. 

Live Infinitely stretching strap

After the stretch, we discussed and showed attendees how to foam roll. It helps alleviate sore muscles, increases blood flow to the muscles and creates better mobility, helping with recovery and improving performance. Live Infinitely and I gave away 5 foam rollers! If you didn't win one, you can go to their site and use code kellerfit to take 15% off yours. (And anything else on their site.)

My favorite acai bowl ever is from Graze. I was so excited to be able to share acaí and pitaya bowls with everyone! I know some attendees had never had one before, and everyone loved them! I paired Turmeric Ginger and Palo Santo kombucha with the bowls. Since those flavors are more earthy, it was a great pairing with the sweet bowls. The kombucha was from The Kombucha Room, and they gave everyone coupon cards to use at their location in Wicker Park. Graze also gave discount cards to use at their location at Studio Three

While attendees sipped kombucha and devoured the bowls, we had a wellness guidance discussion as 2017 is coming to a close and it's time to start focusing on 2018. 

Graze acai and pitaya bowls with The Kombucha Room kombucha

Balance, positivity and loving our own bodies/body type was highlighted, along with goal setting for 2018. Some attendees shared their inspiring goals with all of us, and it was a good time for everyone to reflect on what they really want to improve in the upcoming year.

We had one more giveaway, a pearl necklace from Charles Jewelry! Jolynn of @musclesnmustangs was the winner! 

Charles Jewelry pearl necklace giveaway

LR Grace Wellness Summit swag bag

Thank you to all the sponsors for an epic swag bag everyone got to take home: 

Carbon38: Power Hour tanks and a bag (use code LKeller20 for 25% off storewide)

MadeGood: bars, granola bites and coupons

Live Infinitely: stretching straps + 5 foam rollers

• Art of Threads : LR Grace Wellness Summit tees

Dy Dermatology skin care bag

Qrunch Organics: coupons, tees, long sleeves, aprons 

Premier Limousine Inc $25 off coupons 

Graze coupons

Special thanks to 

Some of my favorite photos: 

Thank you to Carbon 38 for dressing me in this fierce and feminine outfit. For 25% off every time you shop at Carbon 38, use code LKeller20.

HUGE thank you to everyone who attended from near and far! Thanks to Jeanine from PA and Carla from DC who flew in to join us, that meant so much to me. 

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to get #teamlrgrace together to all meet and for the positive energy everyone brought to the space. 

Meteorologist Kalee Dionne did some fun interviews with friends and clients. I loved watching what clients had to say about training in the app and about the summit. 

We closed the 2017 summit with thinking of 2 things that we are truly grateful for, 2 things that we're ready to let go of, 2 things that really bring us peace, and 2 things we will work on improving in 2018. What is on your list? I'd love to hear.

If you're thinking about joining the LR Grace app, sign up here! Train anywhere, anytime.  

Can't wait for the next LR Grace Wellness Summit -- stay tuned! 




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