COVID-19 LR GRACE UPDATE: the LR Grace app is running smoothly with at home workouts for clients with what they have access to. We have started to do Zoom calls and workouts to bring our community together more. The LR Grace app easily adapts for all clients. Grab your free week trial today!


Every single workout in the LR Grace app is completely customized for each individual client. Not everyone has access to the same equipment, nor are their health and wellness goals the same. Workouts are written for clients'  specific body types, their age, and what they want to target for safe and efficient results.


Being held accountable is a huge part of succeeding in a health and wellness journey. Log ins and check-ins in the app keep clients accountable.


The LR Grace Lifestyle app provides instructional videos and written notes on perfecting form to maximize time and avoid injuries. 


When we have the freedom to workout whenever we want, wherever we want, the excuses cease to exist. Whether traveling, at home, or at a gym, workouts are provided for wherever you are with whatever equipment you have access to. 


#teamlrgrace is a support system to cheer each other on. Clients can "like" and comment on each other's workouts in the app. The boost of energy, motivation and confidence is something we all need in our wellness journeys. The social media aspect is a powerful tool in leading to clients' success. 

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Bodies come in all different shapes and sizes, We check-in with photos to track progress each month. See what my clients are saying under the Testimonial tab and check out some transformation photos above. 

Can't wait to start you on your own wellness journey! 

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Fitness Journey

Alex learned the importance of weight lifting, consistency, a balanced diet, plants, yoga, mind/body connection and loves sharing her journey!